Seeking Serendipity

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Seeking Serendipity coverIntroduction

to the seriously beautiful meaning of serendipity and all things serendipitous

Part One Life happensPART ONE:  Life Happens…

A Most Significant Sign

A Most Significant Sign

In Dreams

C + Bike memeA ‘Bikie Extraordinaire’


The Wheels on our bikesThe Wheels on our Bikes

Killing FieldsThe Killing Fields





A Symbol of PeaceA Symbol of Peace

Goodbye My Love

Animality 1000w

PART TWO: Animality


Old Gypsy.1000

What Your Best Friend…



Unbearably TrueUnbearably True

A Bush Gymkhana




K .50...Kanute’s 50th Birthday Song



The Housewife’s Dream




Did Someone say Cinderella


Symphony of the South





Part Four Philosophers a Garden.orig

PART FOUR: Philosopher’s Garden



peaceful mothers dayPeaceful Mother’s Day



Once upon a letterOnce Upon a Letter




                                      The Giant Gumnut Baby

Appointment with a Stranger



Catch 22





PART FIVE: Flights of Fancy

The Longest Journey

The Longest Journey – Afterword

Sounds of Solace