Is a Change as Good as a Holiday?

Well, in a word... NO! But fire season in Australia and owning a farm and animals, makes a holiday at this time impossible for us to consider. We could never stop wondering and worrying and be able to enjoy ourselves. And even if there is nothing … [Read more...]

Shed + Beer … The Great Aussie Dream

Australian men have had their sheds to retreat to since soon after Adam outgrew his gumleaf.  They were places to go and tinker for hours, whilst mulling over thoughts, dreams - maybe problems.  The shed was also an important place to nurture … [Read more...]

Why Did the Echidna Cross the Road?

Because the ants on the other side thumbed their noses and chanted, "Naa-na-na-naaa-naa...catch us if you can!" and stopped at the rim of their ant-hole homes and wiggled their bottoms at him. Well-ll-ll, I can't promise those were the exact words … [Read more...]

From River to ‘Roo

What a day of contrasts we had recently. It started alongside the River Murray, waking up to a clear, frosty morning that turned into a beautiful sunshiny autumn day.  It then continued at a large and warmly welcoming eat-in Bakery in the town of … [Read more...]

All Kinds of Fishermen

On a recent  holiday we stayed at one of  Australia's tourist meccas at Portland, Victoria.  There are many sights and experiences to enjoy, including a seal viewing boat trip.  Unfortunately, some of us were not up to the walk to board the boat, and … [Read more...]

A Welcome Break

We're off on a short-short holiday on Monday, and as it will be in our favourite type of accommodation, self-contained cabins, we are both busy preparing for it. Food is easy - for the last few weeks, every few days I have cooked a large quantity of … [Read more...]

Oliver Said it First

"Please Sir....I Want Some More" And so this is the name I have given this photo taken next to the Portland boat launch ramp where the fishermen clean their catch and donate the offcuts to the waiting patrons, which include seagulls (of course), up … [Read more...]