The First Day… not of the year, obviously.

But I was flying high as these kites, because it was the first day of my 7th decade - a glorious, sunshiny day with only a few wind clouds high above. Certainly felt like the words from Robert Browning's famous 'Pippa's Song' - 'God's in his … [Read more...]


Firstly, in this 'born again' version of a post from over a year ago, I must start with a serious note. A few days ago it was the anniversary of the death of Prince Charles Edward Stuart, 'The Young Pretender',  in Rome, in 1788. After leading … [Read more...]

Skinny Dippers?

Well-ll... these two were skinny, and were dipping in the sea, but otherwise not really fitting the usual meaning behind those words.  It's 1928 on Brighton beach, South Australia. Win Moyle is 16 and Wal Graham is 18, and they have already been … [Read more...]

da Vinci on da Mother’s Day

No breakfast in bed for me for Mother's Day (by choice always... hate crumbs in my bed and eating in bed in general - preferring to save that one for when I'm SO sick or injured or recovering from surgery and have no choice), but hubby did serve me … [Read more...]

The Eyes Have it…

Such a wonderfully emotive photo created by Lone Wolf and shared by Let the Wolves Run Free on Facebook. My imagination was captured and the 'moodling' began. I found myself thinking of the eyes of many of the animals who have shared their lives … [Read more...]

On This Day – Some Mothers did ‘ave them.

According to Wikipedia, The Ides of March (Latin: Idus Martii or Idus Martiae) is a day on the Roman calendar that corresponds to 15 March. It was marked by several religious observances, and became notorious as the date of the assassination of … [Read more...]

So ‘owozit?

... and if you're not from the Land Downunder, you may need a translation - this actually means 'How was it?' (meaning 'how did your Father's day go?'). Some Aussies would say 'djavagoodwun?' Relax... it's still good clean fun - 'Did you have a good … [Read more...]

Dad’s Day Downunder

  ...and why is this celebrated today here in Oz, when so much of the world acknowledges this important day in June? Popular thinking says that it's because it's the beginning of Spring in the southern hemisphere - an encouragement for … [Read more...]

Another Mother’s Day

For Australians and others,  Mother's Day is the second Sunday in May... and that is when I officially celebrate my day, as a mother and grandmother. But I celebrate another day for my Mother.  It's a quiet, intensely personal remembrance of her … [Read more...]

Ages and Stages of Love

First you're a daughter to some loving parents (if you are lucky)... and you are loved and cosseted and important.  Your every whim is seen to and addressed and you have no idea what good fortune is smiling on you, and you just take it all for … [Read more...]