Sometimes, in the wee small hours…

  - even on an overnight trip to Adelaide, capital city of our beautiful South Australia, - even in the 'alien-to-us' surrounds of a motel room, - still I wake for different reasons, and the ideas start to flow, and as usual, I find a … [Read more...]

Squirm, Squelch or Squash?

All of the above have happened to a number of my Squidoo lenses (or articles) and they are now in the process of shrivelling away to nothing. You will already be seeing a gap where Squidoo links used to be, and more will be following soon. But … [Read more...]

There’s Poetry in Motion and in ‘moodling’ too.

Funny how a 'moodling' type brain meanders along diverse pathways, especially as it matures. (Now isn't that a nice, polite way of saying 'ages' or 'gets old' or 'starts wandering'?) For me yesterday, it went a little like this - Some days ago I … [Read more...]

Translation needed.

Have just received some delightful comments about my writing style, but my experienced US reader pointed out that some of my Aussie terminology may leave some international readers 'in the dark', so to speak. I'm sure you all know how it is in your … [Read more...]

The Agony and…

not much ecstasy yet. Told you about the dreaded editing process that continues in between my children's e-book series. Told you I'm not a marketer's armpit, but I try - and try again - and read some more and try to learn some more.  I spread the … [Read more...]

Please Forgive Me, but…

I am planning a few changes to this website, and things could look a little strange whilst I'm wading through what I want to do - but not until next week sometime.  We are taking a little much-needed R&R, and having a 'Back to Parawa' weekend … [Read more...]

Words of Wisdom? That’s Questionable.

Are there any of us who have not  had one of Life's common expressions slip out without any real thought - somehow just popping out, seemingly of its own volition?  We know what we mean - but how many of us know the origins or meaning behind these … [Read more...]

Plagiarism is Putrid

I'm fed up with plagiarism happening with many of my copyright writings. Maybe even talking about it will attract the unwanted  'duplicate content' label and who knows what censure from Google?  Interestingly enough, this never seems to happen … [Read more...]

I Saw an Angel ‘moodling’

Ohh-hh-h!  Just look at this gorgeous picture.  Why wasn't I born a little later in the History of the World - and then also born with this kind of talent?  Sadly, I missed this particular boat - but not so for the creator of this beauty … [Read more...]

Anniversary of Lost Children in Daylesford

Today it's  Saturday, 30th June 2012, the last day of this financial year, and the 145th anniversary of the disappearance of three little children of  Daylesford, in Victoria, Australia. It would take three months for their small bodies to be found … [Read more...]