What day was this again?

It's Scotch Tape Day, a celebration of the invention of engineer Richard Gurley Drew   - a moisture-proof, transparent product to seal cellophane wrap. The first grateful users were grocers, bakers and meat packers. It's also Backward Day, or as … [Read more...]

It’s 7th April and it’s World Health Day

... and on World Health Day 2014, I thought a Health joke or two might be in order? Now just before you rush off tut-tutting about World Health not being a subject for humour, just consider these facts according to the Scientific Library  … [Read more...]

It’s International Brain Awareness Week

This week, 10-16 March  is  International Brain Awareness Week - a global campaign to arouse and raise awareness, advocacy and support. There will be much serious discussion and news of latest treatments and assistance groups around our country. … [Read more...]

When Some Folk Gather…

You'd better believe it - there's a heap of music and song, dancing and clapping (oh yes, a heap of loud, enthusiastic clapping), and workshops to encourage and expand thinking about song-writing and poetry writing and enhancing musical talents, and … [Read more...]

Shirley Temple Black has died

... and many people are mourning. Comments include - "I'm so sad", "tragic news", "very sad news", "she will be missed", "Life won't be the same without her". OK, they are all sentiments often expressed at such times. Some of us feel differently … [Read more...]

Back to the Future?

Alas, 2014 is one of the painful years when I have no 'antique' Far Side calendar to match the bright New Year. On this day back in 2003, I faced a year of 'Non Sequitur' cartoons, and here I am again, a decade + later, facing the same semi-gloomy … [Read more...]

I Hate Fireworks

Sorry Folks (NOT!) I am the original New Year's Eve Grinch. I admit this freely. I'm grinchy and grumpy about Halloween, also - and Opening and Closing Olympic Games and the countless other ceremonies that can seemingly only be celebrated with … [Read more...]

Gone Fishing…

The Fisherman is not too fussed whether he's successful in the traditional way of actually catching something... or not. You see, the satisfaction he expresses is the sun on his back; the smell of fresh, somewhat salty air; the uninterrupted view … [Read more...]

Boat People of Yesteryear

Today is International Migrants' Day - and in Australia, the 18th December 2012 has begun.  We see the new day some hours before most Europeans and Americans.  Not a bad thought to run with, when we Aussies know only too well that we're considered … [Read more...]

I Give a Shit on World Toilet Day

. . . well-ll-ll, I hope so. You have no idea how much I anticipate this event. (Apologies to the TMI  - Too Much Info. - brigade, but that's Life in the slow lane.) I'm presently at home recovering from Gall bladder removal a few days ago, and the … [Read more...]