Cross-eyed by Cross-stitch

I am filled with admiration and appreciation of the cross-stitchers of this world.  Until you have personally tried this ‘extreme’ pastime, you will never understand fully what a patience-provoking experience you have embarked upon.  I remember the … [Read more...]

Knit One, Purl One

I learnt knitting from my Mother at maybe 10 or 11 years old - much more than half a century ago, which is not so bad if you say it quickly.  S-l-o-w-l-y, and it sounds like a v-e-r-y   l-o-n-g time!  Yes well, moving right along ... For me, … [Read more...]

You Know how ‘A Stitch in Time, Saves Nine’?…well-ll-ll about a nail file saving a River Murray cruise? It all happened on our recent holiday at Echuca, Victoria - an historic port on the famous mighty Murray River. The eco-cruise was touted as a 'not to be missed' tourist trip, offering the … [Read more...]


Corny title?  Well-ll yes.  But it seemed a good idea at the time...and it seems it caught your attention? On my Squidoo lens - Beauty and the Bead...Knitting, Actually!   you will find more photos of my beaded creations, and if you know nothing … [Read more...]

Meaningful Messages and Favourite Things

I have been busy writing on both my Squidoo and Ezine sites, about my hand-made wall hangings that I value so highly on my list of  'favourite things'. Some years ago, I aspired to be a patchwork person...alas, I'm not...but a compromise was … [Read more...]

Some Count Sheep…

...and others count stitches.  And they could be knitting stitches, or crochet chains. I am always knitting in the car as we travel - living in the country, we cover quite a distance - often.  My husband loves to drive (especially in our beloved old … [Read more...]