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Would another prayer make a difference?

Would another prayer make a difference?


Hallo, I’m Christine Larsen – alias cdcraftee, alias a few other ceedee type prefixes,

wishing I resembled the angel above, even a little.

Unfortunately, the cold hard reality is this –

I am a writer, farmer, wife, mother and grandmother.

My husband Kanute and I live in the South East of South Australia on our retirement farm.

I love to say we are employed by the Australian Government as Aged Pensioners – the pay is lousy but the conditions are excellent, including all manner of discounts, concessions, perks, and holidays any time of the year you choose.

You will notice I place the title ‘writer’ in first place, because that’s how it is at last. Still self-published, and still eBooks, but to see my name up there on my computer screen and on my Kindle eBook as the author of eight children’s books so far, is more satisfying than you can imagine.

Earliest attempts at being accepted by traditional publishers some 30+ years ago, saw countless rejections and a final acceptance by me that I just didn’t have what it takes. Many of those were not returned, or if they were, they would have a big ‘Rejected’ stamp across the pages, or the MS sent back in disarray – either way, not able to be submitted anywhere else again. Of course, this was all by snail-mail, and expensive when stamped envelopes had to be included for a return… maybe.

A friend convinced me to try a different approach, and I wrote on Squidoo and Ezine Articles for a few years, before taking the plunge and teaching myself how to self-publish on Amazon. And here I am.

At one time this site was used to give you excerpts from my farming memoir that I am in the process of writing, and editing, and editing, but now this preview of my collection of ‘yarns’ has a website of its own  –


Here you will find some background information, excerpts,  a listing of the chapter headings, and brief synopses of each. All of this is designed to hopefully whet your appetites for when the book finally emerges. Will it be self-published? Or through a traditional publishing channel? Only time will tell.

If your taste runs more to kiddy tales, here is the link to my cheerful and colourful children’s booksite –


featuring stories about the books and the characters in them, plus photos and clipart. (And of course, the odd word or two from Ted Bear and his mates… they just can’t help themselves from trying to take over the show. Fame has truly gone to their heads.)

And there is one more site of mine – all about farming and country life. It’s called –

ceedee country

You will also find me popping up in other places, like

Facebook socially, and also as Christine Larsen – Author, and on

Twitter – @cdcraftee and on


Welcome to my writing world, otherwise known as ‘moodling’ (mental doodling). With mental blood, sweat and tears, I share dreams and memories… and many and varied opinions.
These can all take time – and I blame a memory overload, clearly shown by the silver thatch over the grey matter. Rose-tinted glasses enter into the equation, also.
Despite all odds, my written creations are emerging, each from its own chrysalis. Will Fame and Fortune follow? Hmm-mm-m… (chuckling quietly to self)

Please wander through my pages – I’m sure you will find them entertaining