Is it, Mum?

First day.600x350

Hmm… would that you could –

Start a NEW day, a NEW chapter of your life, with ALL the accumulated wisdom of your years. But of course, that quality was gained dearly:

– by hard knocks that flattened you – temporarily or long-term,
– by experiences, both good and bad – and every nuance in between,
– by love, and like, and indifference, and dislike, even hate perhaps?
– by learning about trust – and betrayal, and how important it is to trust yourself.

Despite all this –

a new day can bring new possibilities, challenges and opportunities, that are yours to take and consider – and accept or reject – as you choose…
because of yesterday’s experiences.

Maybe the most important lesson is the ability to still dream,
and never ever let go of the belief that it just MAY be possible to make those dreams come true.

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