Antiques take Priority?

Imperial typewriter

What wondrous possibilities today’s technologies present to us.

To think I came from a time of being taught typing at school on a manual ‘Imperial’ typewriter that can now be viewed in museums. What an amazing thrill when I used my first ‘electric’ model – a ‘Remington’. It was SO fast I thought I’d never catch up with it – or produce a letter without a zillion ‘typos’! But I did, and even went on to cope admirably with the IBM Selectric (usually lovingly called the Golfball – no more keys on long arms to tangle and stop progress completely!)
To think my Mum and Dad wouldn’t buy their first TV set until during my second year of High School, in case it had a bad effect on my studies. And it was black and white to start with. A recent show reminiscing about the early days of TV, showed the episode of a program when our Premier of South Australia, Don Dunstan, threw the switch to change our TV world. At midnight on 1st March, 1975 our TV world as we had known it, changed to colour. Oh what a feeling!
And so I embrace these changes as much as I am able – and want to share my blend of old and new thoughts using some undreamed of artistic possibilities.

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