Barely up for it…

"... and she ends with - I Love You Ted!"

“and she finishes – I Love You Ted!”


Despite rumours, I haven’t ‘snuffed it’ or ‘lost it’ – I’ve just been incredibly busy on my writerly pursuits, plus the steepest learning curve of a multitude of new things, and been totally neglectful of my websites and other places. It’s a vast technological world out there I find – to my delight/dismay (substitute either on any given day – even many times within any given day!) In the wee small hours, I’ve discovered Notes on Facebook, so I’m giving them a go. This may or may not prove to be something I’m interested in, but up above you see the photo I’m leading the note with, and this is what I said –

Earlier, on my FB Author page I shared a link to my latest Soundcloud recording efforts on behalf of my best and oldest friend, Ted Bear Esq. (pictured above in his specs, sharing news from afar with one of his good friends, Postie Bear.
This is what I said –

‘Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Bah! Humbug!

As a result of my visits to and learning curve from local community radio station, 5THE FM 107.7, I’ve downloaded the same sound recording program – Audacity – and am teaching myself (a tiny bit at a time) some new recording skills. Here’s some early results.’

The current set of ‘learning curves’ are most testing to an exceptionally chockablock full brain that tends to blame self for anything that can’t be understood or accessed. Quite amazing (and encouraging) how often it’s the ‘you beaut’ technological system that’s to blame… and absolutely nothing to do with the capabilities (and tightly stretched ‘copabilities’) of this old warhorse.
Just been jumping through hoops of fire here on FB, to be able to use this Note. Great swatches of info. I’ve fed in at other times disappeared, reappeared, repeat, repeat. Only solution finally was to log out, toodle around other farflung points of the Internet, then log in again. Miracle of miracles! All was blissfully restored – with the exception of one of the links I clicked for ‘more information’ that resulted in a Page Not Found message. Well-ll-ll… suppose I should really take pity on FB – there are volumes of pages I can’t find in my memory bank either. (I figure many are in tightly secured vaults, maybe in Fort Knox?). Be comforted FB – you’re in great company.
Mainly, my message is one of hope at this ‘wishful’ time of the year. I hope anyone who reads this will be deeply comforted and encouraged by the thought that if this old dog can learn new tricks in her 7th decade, there just has to be hope for all… Owzat?


  1. Chrisine, do I ever know what you mean. Everytime I learn something I find out there are five more things I need to learn to understand the first thing. So take heart, you’re not alone. There are other war-horses that love/hate technology. Wouldn’t want to do without it anymore but boy, sure wish I could understand it better.
    BTW, I love your best friend Ted Bear, Esq.

    • Hallo again Lenie,
      And the other thing I hate is when you can’t find that techno key (or even the name of it) in the mass of knowledge gurgling around the gray matter, and then you remember in the middle of the night when there’s nobody to tell, and then by morning, it’s gone AWOL again!

  2. Definitely made me smile Christine! I’m not one of those highly demonstrative types but I have been known to jump up and do the victory-arms-in-the-air yelp when I finally ace a technical problem, so yep, I know exactly what you mean. And good for you, keep it up!

  3. Technology is constantly moving and if you do not keep up, you really will be left behind. I gravitate towards some forms of technology and move away from others. I am learning that I need to be well versed in all forms of technology rather than just those which I enjoy.

    Sometimes the thought of completing a task is far worse than actually completing the task.

  4. Likely once you get it all sorted out on Facebook they’ll compaletely change it.

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