What day was this again?

Welcome to the beginning of another special day.

It’s Scotch Tape Day, a celebration of the invention of engineer Richard Gurley Drew   – a moisture-proof, transparent product to seal cellophane wrap. The first grateful users were grocers, bakers and meat packers.

It’s also Backward Day, or as some call it yaD drawkcaB. No matter from which angle you check it out, it’s designed for the slightly ‘off beat’, somewhat kinky, ‘tired of being in a rut’, ‘like to march to the beat of a different drum’ type folk. Surely the day to not be backward about coming forward, right?

It’s also National Hot Chocolate Daya celebration of that amazingly comforting concoction in a mug. How many hearts have been soothed while cold fingers were warmed and inner peace brought to new levels, whilst savouring the smell and look and taste? Tempted? Google has a deluge of delightful recipes for you to indulge in. Go for it!

It’s also Brandy Alexander Day – check this link. I love Jace Shoemaker-Galloway’s  line ‘a little decadent delight on a cold winter’s night’. Tempted some more? She has eight recipes right there in her article.

and Eat Brussels Sprouts Day, (now there’s an enticing-sounding one, hey? Especially following on after the others!) At this link, Jace gives ‘10 Brussels Sprout Recipes That Don’t Suck!‘ Now that is inspirational to a heap of Mums, no?

But the one I’ve chosen is the –  Inspire Your Heart with Art Day!

I’m not explaining this one’s name – it truly describes it all. If Art does not inspire your heart, maybe you’re reading this from ‘the other side’, having ‘crossed over’ in the Dark Ages, and maybe still fumbling around in the Black Hole somewhere?

I would simply add the thought that if your heart feels happy and inspired, your health and well-being HAVE to be lifted, too.

(Just one small side thought – if the heart is just a muscle, how come it physically hurts when you’re afraid, or shocked, or angry; or incredibly happy or proud; or mindlessly, helplessly in love? Hmm… )

Meanwhile, back at this most special day, here is some art from a wonderful young artist who inspires my heart and soul with his special creations –

Tadayoshi Kajino

I’m not posting any of his wonderful works here. I’m hoping you will just click on his name, and all that makes up my admiration will be revealed. Tadayoshi creates incredibly intricate and detailed illustrations he calls old-fashioned Japanese style, that just happen to have received recognition and accolades from a leading French publication. Still Tadayoshi remains humble and deeply concerned about his lack of English. As if anyone with eyes and a soul could care less, with artistry like his. Have a look and judge for yourself.

Is your heart inspired with art on this day?


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