Is a Change as Good as a Holiday?


Well, in a word… NO!

But fire season in Australia and owning a farm and animals, makes a holiday at this time impossible for us to consider. We could never stop wondering and worrying and be able to enjoy ourselves. And even if there is nothing specific you can do in the worst scenario, we learned from our shed fire just over a year ago, how much better we felt somehow to have been there, playing the smallest part as the CFS gave it their all, and to have witnessed everything possible being done.

And so, the change in lieu of a holiday –  I decided to mess around with a long overdue revamp of this ceedee moodling website.

I stumble around like the proverbial ‘bull in a china shop’, and lose posts and pages, and find them again (if I’m lucky, and trip over them somewhere). I like that ‘technologically challenged’ expression… could it have been invented with me in mind? Wouldn’t be surprised.

But the end result is mostly pleasing. Still more to play with, and hoping for some intelligent advice from a friend who understands these technical matters, but overall, I think I’m winning.

Not too shabby for a ‘dinosaur’, I say.


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