The Kids Are Gone!

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It’s true – you can seek them here and seek them there, but you’re not going to find them anywhere – on THIS site, anyway. (Except for a few memories lurking in the archives.)

Like most kids, my small folk have emptied my nest in order to seek out their own corner of the world.

“Don’t worry Mum,” they cried. “We still need you like always, and not only because we all have short arms.” Some snuffles and tissues later they were able to continue.

“We need you to tell our stories. Nobody knows us like you.” And one small voice said, “But we don’t want your recycled margarine and yoghurt containers to help us out. Can we have your Tupperware?”

Yes well – that was just when I was going all mushy inside like their own soft selves. Instead, I sat up straight, took a deep breath, stiffened my quivering chin and started creating their new home. (What else is a Mother for?)

With tremendous pride (and a drum roll and trumpet fanfare would be quite acceptable), I present their new address – all bright and colourful like their own sweet selves. It is now –


Just click on the name and you will be magically transported on the magic carpet.

You will Enjoy – I promise!

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