The Agony and…

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not much ecstasy yet. Told you about the dreaded editing process that continues in between my children’s e-book series.

Told you I’m not a marketer’s armpit, but I try – and try again – and read some more and try to learn some more.  I spread the word through Facebook and Twitter and here on my website.  And I’m checking out free ‘advertising’ on a few private seller sites on Facebook.

I have created an Amazon Author Page as well as my own Books by Christine Larsen author page and individual book pages on askDavid dot com, a promotional website, and another called Goodreads dot com. Then there are the promotional sites for my Amazon ‘freebie’ days. I’ve been trying a few of them, like Author Marketing Club, Awesome Gang, Book Goodies, Frugal Freebies and Pixel of Ink.

You would think, with the added patchwork of life events with all the associated joys and dramas, my poor brain would be fully occupied – indeed in overload status, surely? Well it is, as evidenced by my nightly insomnia. (Surely I’ve told you before how I read that Einstein slept only 4 hours a night, and it was suggested this was commonplace for geniuses!) Hmm-mm, I like that… a lot.)

It turns out that ideas can still fit in that elastic-sided grey matter – that there’s always room for just a bit more ‘moodling’.  For some time I have toyed with the idea of using another e-book publisher as well as Amazon, and off and on I have explored Smashwords.  Recent research has convinced me I no longer want to give the exclusivity and lending rights Amazon demands in return for 5 free promotional days per 90 day period.

I like that Smashwords don’t have these demands. I like that the Smashwords converter will take my manuscript and turn it out in 5 or 6 different forms and distribute it accordingly. I like the way Smashwords presents each book they publish, with a sample to be read right there on their site – a sample the author chooses the length of. And the book can be purchased and downloaded right there in any of the formats offered, including Kindle which is exclusively Amazon’s e-book reader.

I haven’t liked getting my head around the detailed and specific and essential formatting requirements of Smashwords. They are at least twice as tough as Amazon. For quite some time I had believed they were new tricks this old dog could not learn. And yet… the niggle continued.  So I downloaded three of Mark Coker’s free e-books about his baby, Smashwords.

I have been working my way through his Smashwords Style Guide, making my own abbreviated checklist; still some bits felt beyond me and I feared the effects on other documents on my computer if I made some of the necessary changes. I searched for answers on my computer and the Internet and I joined the Smashwords’ forum to ask questions. Finally there was a reassuring pointer or two, and with hubby Kanute’s help in the middle of the night, we took one of the chapters in my first book of my farming memoirs and ‘walked’ it through the Style Guide, step by step. With a fresh perspective added to my weighty and somewhat confusing information, we did it! Now at least I have the confidence to try the whole book (after one last ultra-fine tuning).

The theory was that I would go back to bed and sleep now, with the good and righteous knowledge the problem was solved. Yes but… every time I relaxed totally, breathing deeply, quiet, peaceful – up jumped the thought that I needed to write all this down on my website. Resistance proved useless, so here I am – but now it’s done and I can go back to bed and type it into my computer some hours later today.

Goodnight (oops – try Good Morning – truly, the sun will peek up soon! Bye).

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